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Hi I'm Jackie! Welcome to Roots and Wings!

I live in upstate New York with my husband and am a proud momma of two grown children.  I teach kindergarten in a suburban, public school, but have also taught first and second grade.  I left teaching when my first child was born and spent the next ten years doing mommy things and working part-time for Scholastic as a book talker, educational consultant, and freelance writer.  During that time I wrote several teacher resource books, articles, and even a children's book.  In my last decade in the classroom, I'm excited to be able to both teach AND write while giving back to a profession that I love!

Fun Facts 

#1 I’m pretty much full-on Kindergarten, most of the time.

#2 I have a wonderful family and long-time friends, despite #1.

#3  I'm messy and working on it.

#4 I don't like being boxed in by labels (i.e. political, religious, pedagogical, etc.) and can best be described as a learner.

#5 I played "church," not "school," as a child using potato chips as communion wafers.

#6 I’m adventurous (i.e. trying new things NOT sky diving).

#7 I taught before Dollar Stores and Pinterest (Imagine that?!).  

#8 I’m in an on again off again relationship with Diet Pepsi.

#9 I don't have it all figured out (i.e. teaching, parenting, life, Common Core, etc.) and probably never will!

#10 My favorite word is, "Wonder!'

About Roots and Wings

I chose the name Roots and Wings because I saw it as a beautiful metaphor for a balanced approach to learning. It is my experience that when children are given opportunities to grow "roots" (guided instruction of foundational skills) AND wings (independent exploration and discovery), they thrive and flourish! My intention is for this blog to be a reflection of this "roots and wings" balance and to offer you a window seat as you join me on my kindergarten learning journey.

I also have a TPT store under the same name and will share resources with you as they are developed.  Follow my store to be notified of new products which will be discounted within the first 24 hours!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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