Unpacking Choice Time Discovery Centers

Monday, 1 July 2019


This sweet note inspired me to do a thing.

That is...spend the summer sharing something I'm super passionate about...


It's easy to see why children love them.

A little more difficult to advocate for them during times of high stakes testing.

But even when I taught 1/2 day kindergarten, I saw the educational benefits (not to mention my standards) hidden within children's work and play at these centers.

And I want to show you too.

So...each week I'll be sharing ideas, observations, reflections, tips, and tricks about a different center with the hope that maybe, jussssst maybe, you might be inspired to try discovery centers with your kiddos!


I'll be sending out a weekly post here on the blog about each center, but.....

I'll also be on Instagram and Facebook daily sharing photos if you want to catch me there.


Feel free to comment or DM with any questions and I invite you to share your own photos on Instagram at #discoverycenters.


Hope your summer is moving along nicely and you are getting everything you need!

Thanks for stopping by!

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