September Full Moon Freebie

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Fall is here and it's a great time to take learning outdoors and search for signs of the season.

This full moon freebie makes it easy to do just that!

Take your kiddos on a fall walk that centers around the question, "What is a sign of fall?" and includes opportunities for them to observe and take notes as they explore seasonal changes in their environment.

Use the before, during, and after the walk lesson plan to guide you throughout the experience and the printable field notes and booklet to document observations.

Take photos along the way to use as a reference once you are back in the classroom.  Compare them to the photos you take on your winter and spring walks so children can observe seasonal changes over time.

Invite children to continue to look for signs of the season beyond the walk and bring in fall "wonders" to observe, sketch, and explore.

Let's Take a Fall Walk is free for the next 48 hours, so grab it while you can. After that time, it will only be available for purchase.

And if you enjoy this experience, try taking a leaf walk to help kids identify the trees found on your school property.

Enjoy the season and look for the next full moon freebie to appear on October 24th!

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