Kindergarten Classroom Zones Part 1

Friday, 17 August 2018

Julie Morgenstern, professional organizer and author of Organizing From the Inside Out says, "Walk into any kindergarten classroom in the world, and you will behold the perfect model of organization."

Say what? #notmyroom

She calls her approach, the "Kindergarten Model of Organizing" and uses it to help everyone from  business professionals to homemakers get their spaces set up and organized by focusing on one "zone" at a time.

Her method is built upon the design of a more traditional kindergarten classroom where, "the room is divided into activity zones: reading zone, dress-up zone, arts and crafts zone, music zone, snack zone, and all items needed for that particular activity are stored in that zone."

"The beauty of the kindergarten model," she says, "is that it can be applied to anything: from a whole office to just one desk to a single drawer."

If you are anything like me, you are now feeling like a slacker when it comes to the reputation we apparently have in the organizing world.

So in an effort to up my organizing game, I decided to give her approach a try!

I began by creating a map of my classroom and identified 11 zones that make up the activities we do in our space.

The zones include: pack/unpack zone, supplies zone, art zone, meeting zone, science/research zone, building zone, tinkering zone, writing/quiet zone, prep zone, math zone, and reading zone.

Some of these "zones" such as art and building are already in place.

Yet, there are other activities, such as packing/unpacking, supplies, and teacher prep, that are scattered all over the room and could definitely use some "zoning."

Next week, I'll be going into my classroom to set up these "zones" and I'll document the process as well as snap pics of each zone to share with you in a future post. (You can find that post here!)

In the meantime, try creating your own map (I did mine using the shapes tool in Powerpoint), and identifying the zones you'll need for your classroom.

I've also created a Pinterest board for you to check out where I've added some classroom set up ideas and a few other "zoning" resources.

Until then...
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