Full Moon Freebies

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Tonight there's a full moon, which reminds me of my favorite rhyme as a kid:

freebies for teachers

My mother and I would sing it and think of my grandmother, who lived in California, and only visited once in a great while (or should I say once in a blue moon?).

Even to this day, I think it's pretty cool, that all of us look out upon the same moon each and every evening.

So, in my effort to stay connected to educators from all over, I've decided to post a once-a-month, full-moon freebie for subscribers.

Sometimes these freebies will be new resources I've just created.  Other times it will be a current paid product that I will make free for a 48-hour period.

If you are already a subscriber, you are all set to receive this offering!

If not, all you need do is type your email into the box above, and the freebie link will magically appear in your inbox each month (don't forget to do all steps of the verification process, including clicking the link in email).

And be sure to do so before the sturgeon moon appears on August 26th.

freebies for teachers

In the meantime, there are several FREEBIES already in my TPT store, including these back-to-school goodies, that you might enjoy!

freebies for teachers

freebies for teachers

freebies for teachers

freebies for teachers

Have fun and don't go too "full moon crazy"!

Thanks for stopping by!

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