Moving Up to First Grade

Monday, 7 May 2018

As kindergarten teachers, we might expect some tears on the first day, but how about on the last?

It's easy to forget that as we are counting down the days, there are children whose anxiety is rising at the very thought of leaving their safe, predictable kindergarten "nest."

I remember one year in particular, when only minutes after the last bus pulled out, a parent returned with her teary-eyed daughter for one last goodbye.  I promised to write over the summer and still think of her every June as I prepare to close out the year!

This is why I now set aside some time in those last weeks, to prepare children for the transition.

We begin by exploring our feelings and asking questions about the next grade.

We take a first grade "field trip" where we visit a classroom, interview the teacher, and listen to the students tell us what they love about first grade.  When we return, we draw 4 things we look forward to doing next year.

We send a "text" to our new teacher to tell them something we want them to know about us!

And lastly, we "picture" ourselves on that very first day and draw a "selfie."

At the end of all this, I have a better handle on how my kiddos are feeling and can make additional arrangements for specific students who might need a little more.

You can find my full plan here!

How do you prepare your Kinders for the next grade?

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