Dandelion Days in Kindergarten

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Here in New York, it's dandelion season, which means dandelion bouquets for all the teachers!

This can be a problem if you are prone to seasonal allergies!

This was the case of two teachers on my K team, so rather than deny their kiddos this childhood pleasure, here's what they did.

They designated ONE day as, "Dandelion Day" and invited their Kinders to pick flowers for their whole team.

The kids LOVED it and look how cute the teachers look holding their bouquets!

Getting them to stop picking may not be easy, but you can always remind them that if they pick ALL the dandelions, there will be no "wish flowers."

If you are thinking of trying this, you might want to continue the dandelion fun indoors.

Here's a cute art project one of our K teachers did with her kiddos a few years ago.  The "white puffs" were made using fingerprints.

There are also some great dandelion books you might read alongside this:

And here's a couple FREEBIE printables for children to record their Dandelion Wishes!

Wishing you all a great end to your school year!

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