Christmas Kindness

Sunday, 24 December 2017

It's so easy to find yourself at the end of December asking, "What did we actually accomplish this month?"  So this year, I decided to be a bit more intentional about the holiday hullabaloo and created a daily routine that would encourage kindness and a season of giving.

During the last week of November, we began to prepare for our Christmas Kindness Countdown.  We each decorated an ornament using art supplies a friend had donated to our class.

We then passed the art materials along to another kindergarten class and this became a good first example of "paying it forward."

We hung the ornaments on our Christmas Kindness Tree along with a few candy canes.

A neighboring class strung them on a garland, which works better to illustrate the countdown aspect of the routine.

Each morning we read the Christmas kindness for that day and I invited the children to picture themselves doing this kindness.  Children shared what this would look and sound like.

Holiday projects were coordinated with the kindnesses.  We made bookmarks to secretly hide in someone's book.

We surprised family members by hiding candy kisses in their pockets.

We decorated bags to be filled with charity donations.

Some wrote cards and thank you notes for family and friends.  Find the freebie templates HERE!

We made cookie plates as holiday gifts for families.

The most fun was "sneaking" into another K classroom, while they were out, to leave them a secret surprise!

Some days were crazy December busy and we were not able to do more than just read the kindness, while others brought more time and we were able to explore the kindness further.  Either way, the daily routine kept the focus on a season of giving and this made my holiday heart happy!

If you would like to bring some Christmas kindness into your classroom, you can find the packet here!

Wishing you all a happy holiday! Hope you are able to find time to rest and renew during the break!

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