Positivity Project: Open-mindedness

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

I went into this week unsure of how I might introduce this character strength to kinders, but was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they grasped it, especially as it relates to trying new things.

We began by listening to Green Eggs and Ham and the children named foods they have been "close-minded" about.  One little guy shared with great enthusiasm, "I am going to be open-minded about strawberries and try them when I get home!"  This led to us talking about how being open-minded about something, doesn't necessarily mean you are going to like it, just that you have been open to trying it.

Other books we used for discussion included:

At the end of the week, I brought in a new food for us to be "open-minded" about!

It's called Kiwano or Horned Melon and it tastes a bit like a cucumber.  Only a handful of kids were "open" to it!

Next up is perspective which will build upon the children's understanding of open-mindedness. The Positivity Project has carefully sequenced the character strengths to build upon one another and correlate with times of year.

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