Other People Matter Mindset

Sunday, 24 September 2017

This year our school became a Positivity Project partner school.  We are hard at work to bring about positive change in our school culture by infusing this mindset into all parts of our school day!

We began by introducing the motto, Other People Matter.  I told the children that these were important words to carry in our heads and in our hearts.  I suggested we make a big banner with these words for our classroom so we would never forget them! They had ideas about how we could decorate the banner (sparkles, shiny things, glitter glue, sequins, rainbows and lights) so that it would really "stand out" and would be noticed when people walked in our room.

To help understand what Other People Matter looks and sounds likes, the Positivity Project has identified the following 5 behaviors to illustrate the mindset:
  • Identifying and appreciating the good in others
  • Supporting others when they struggle
  • Being present and giving others our attention
  • Cheering their successes
  • Knowing that our words and actions affect others
We spent time exploring each one through literature, discussions, puppet plays and real life classroom examples.  I made posters for our classroom in simple kinder language.

I'm beginning to see the Other People Matter language show up in our interactions with one another.  When the child on the right was chosen to take down the attendance, the child on the left said,"Good job!" (We cheer for others!)

At bus time, when I was putting away markers, a child walked over and began to pitch in (We help others!) and said, "I feel like I'm doing other people matter."

If you are interested in bringing the Positivity Project to your school, click the link to find resources and contact information!

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