Kindergarten Easter Fun: Our Bunny Brunch

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Easter has a way of sneaking up on me and I often find myself scrambling to fit it all in before it's time to move on down the bunny trail!

Despite this year's short notice (aka poor planning!), I still managed to pull a few "rabbits" out of my hat!
The whiskers appear when you add syrup!

The trick to these little critters is to make the pancakes at home and then layer them between sheets of wax paper in your crockpot.  Bring the crockpot to school (which means you get to leave the griddle, mix, eggs, oil, etc. at home!), plug in and set to the warm setting.  Easy Peasy!

And if you have generous parents who offer to help, ask them to buy and cut up the melon and/or strawberries.  Big time saver!

Add a few rabbit ears, oval-shaped plates, cute napkins & table cloths and abracadabra - it's a bunny brunch!


You can assemble the plates for the children or let them build their own bunny face!

We also had fun doing some Mystery Egg Investigations!  Each child was given a plastic egg to take home and fill with a surprise.  Then we investigated the eggs to find out more about its properties.  As children were given opportunities to shake, measure, weight, float/sink, and roll their egg, they gained clues about what was hidden inside while also practicing some important math and science skills.


Happy Easter and thanks for stopping by!

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