Hands-in-Your-Lap Rhymes

Thursday, 2 March 2017


     While criss-cross applesauce might seem like magic in September, it has usually lost its charm by December.  So if you’re like me and find that your classroom management needs a tune-up right about now, try these monthly hands-in-your-lap rhymes to provide a consistent, but novel routine for gaining children’s attention. 

Hands-in-Your-Lap Rhymes Transitions Songs Rhymes

     The first two lines of each rhyme invite children to move their hands in fun and engaging ways such as flickering like a candle, kneading dough, or flying like a bird. In the third line, the word “lap,” introduced in the September rhyme, is playfully switched out to match a seasonal theme and children can imagine their lap as a mixing bowl, mailbox, flower pot, nest and more.  The last line, Ready, set, go! is repeated throughout and signals to children that teaching and learning is about to begin!

You can get the March Hands-in-Your-Lap rhyme FREEBIE here:

Hands-in-Your-Lap Rhymes Transitions Songs Rhymes

or the whole set here!

Hands-in-Your-Lap Rhymes Transitions Songs Rhymes

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