What's New in the New Year?

Thursday, 5 January 2017


     When you work in a school, the “new year” comes twice - once in September and once in January.  A bit confusing for the Kinders who also think school ends on the 100th day (how many times have you explained that one?!) Anyhow, both are about new beginnings and fresh starts and after all the hullabaloo that December brings, January is a welcome change!  
     While there were no party hats, horns or ball drops to greet the children when they arrived, they quickly noticed that the tables had new names to reflect the season: snowflake, evergreen, and pine cone and that they had new tablemates. 

New Year in Kindergarten

There was also a new “trophy” for the VIP table (the weekly reward for good table manners).  

New Year in Kindergarten

     Amidst this morning buzz was lots of talk about holiday happenings so we began the day with a “toss and tell” to share one thing about our winter break.  

     We then got out the calendar, crumpled up the December page and threw it in the garbage (they love this)! 

     After reading Squirrel's New Year's Resolution, they did a turn and talk to share one thing they'd like to learn or get better at in the new year. 

Squirrel's New Year's Resolution

   In previous years, I’ve also read The Wishing Tree and An Orange in January and we celebrated the New Year by eating an orange and making wishes!

An Orange in January

New pencils, new crayons, and new name cards (for our last names) were also part of our first day back. 

new pencils in the new year

last name name tags

     Best of all, we've had a lot of new skills to celebrate as we complete the winter pages in our Show How You Grow Books and see just how much we've grown since September! 

     What's new in your new year?

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