Halloween Happenings

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Here's what we did for Halloween this year. I added some Halloween-themed materials to a few of our centers for the children to enjoy during our party.

                   Spider Exploration in the Science Center  

                     Making Faces in the Play dough Center 

        Haunted House Building in the Construction Center

Pumpkin Painting in the Art Center

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Jackie!! How are you! Why didn't I think of those awesome halloween themed ideas. I LOVE them!! I will use next year. I love how the one boy was drawing the spider web and another the spider. Love the haunted houses too! Where did you get the supplies for the spooky faces?

    1. oops!! This is Sarah Geer! LOL, thought it would show up when I wrote!

  2. Hey Sarah! Hope this finds you well! I got the spooky faces at Walmart many years ago - I just looked at Amazon to see if they might have any - they are called pumpkin push-ins and they have a few sets, but not any that have as many pieces as the set I got. Mr. Potato Head pieces might also work well!