Preschool Classroom Tour: The Waterfall Room

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

     Next week, I will be heading to school to set up my classroom, so I’ve been looking at pictures of learning spaces to inspire me. Included in these are some photos I took last summer on a  school visit to observe an incoming student. 

The instant I entered this school, I knew it was a special place. Both their indoor and outdoor spaces were full of invitations for learning and representative of the children that were lucky enough to spend their days there. 

Children’s artwork was everywhere and it was apparent that they valued children’s ideas and voices. 

I am grateful to Maripat Murphy, one of the teachers at this school, who gave me permission to share photos from her "Waterfall Room" (all the classrooms have nature-themed names).  

It was an inspiring morning, as I observed children visiting these inviting areas and exploring engaging materials.

What inspired you about this space? Any ideas you will take back to your own classroom? 

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  1. Hello!

    I have just discovered your blog - love your observations and insights. I am also a kindergarten teacher, enjoying the journey and transformation of this rich programme. I'd love to see photos of your classroom (before & afters) as you head back to school and prep for the year ahead.