Begin Again

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


     As teachers we are lucky enough to get a clean slate to begin with each year. I can’t think of too many professions that get a chance to do that! It’s a great time to think about what worked and didn’t work in the past year and consider making some changes.  In Ontario, many teachers use the 3 R’s (repeat, rethink, and remove) to evaluate their current practices.  I found this helpful in making my own plans for next year.
Repeat: reading conferences, math tubs, discovery time, student work displays
Rethink: how I introduce centers, assessment/documentation, small group instruction
Remove: commercially made materials, my busy classroom carpet (see below!)

     When I got this carpet 9 years ago I loved it! It brightened up the room and solved a lot of issues I was having with seating and personal space.  But lately, I’m not so in love with it. As I move toward a more neutral palette, it has become one big irritant for me. I’m wanting just a plain rug. One that will not be so visually distracting when I am teaching lessons on it or when children are using it for building or creating. What are you wanting to repeat, rethink, or remove in the next year?

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